Person Specification

Test Content
1 Demonstrates a positive attitude to the supervision and assessing the learning needs of junior members of staff advising the Registered Nurses of any difficulties as appropriate.

2 Supports and contributes to any teaching programmes within the home.

3 To assist in the training programme of junior staff in conjunction with the Registered Nurses ensuring that effective induction, supervision and assessment of staff is carried out and that training needs are identified and met.

4 Provide support and guidance for other Peers, Care Assistants and ancillary staff.

Vacancy Details

Test Content
1. As a Care Assistant the role is to support the Registered Nurses in all aspects of the home management.

2. To Wash, toilet, bath, feed and dress residents.

3. Treat the residents with respect

4. To help and share with other staff the responsibility of providing a homely and caring environment for service users through high standards of professional practice which are conducive to the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of the service users.

5. To ensure that each service user receives care appropriate to his/her individual needs.

6. To assist implement / maintain the requirements of the Health and Social Care Act 2008